Our Charity Choice

We love all kinds of charities and non profits. But especially ones related to kids and animals. The children are our future. They deserve the best well rounded educational experience possible. This includes:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • The arts
  • After school activities

After all we all know that the “Idleness is the devils workshop”.

So by supporting local kids teams, schools, bands, choirs etc. we are all making a difference in our community. A difference that will be felt today as well as tomorrow.

Supporting Animal Rights

We also love to support the local pet shelters and animal shelters that assist in taking care of the strays with no home. many of these shelters are run on pure love and a few donations. Our free fundraising programs can make a difference in the life of some ones discarded pet. There are are many dog and cat lovers out there that would be happy to support your next fundraising drive.

The best fundraising idea is matched to the nonprofit

After interviewing the schools PTA, booster clubs, non profit or animal shelter we  help select the best fundraising brochure to match their current needs.